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Taking decision to study in abroad is a confusing and toughest both in terms of the money, qualification and future career involved.Generally, at a young age, students find it difficult to understand what course, which country would be suitable for them.Our skilled counselors provides prospective students with the accurate, authentic and current information on all education institutions we are representing to in order to make them capable to take right decision in choosing the destination and institutions as per his/her previous academic backgrounds, mental capability, financial ability and,above all, future ambition.

Financial Supports

We are fully aware of our students' issues arranging funds for their education in abroad. We provide prospective students with complete guidance on Educational Loans & Assistance in a quick & hassle free manner. We are associated with well-known banks and other financial institutions to help students with the entire procedure; starting from application, to required documentation, eligibility criteria and selection of banks.


​Procedures of applying in abroad is cumbersome and painstaking with a long list of documents to be prepared and collected for each University/College where you wish to apply for admission as well as most crucially to Foreign Embassies for Visas or Study Permits. Prospective students have to do some horrendous tasks;filling up application forms, preparing SOP,LOM, collecting LOR, Police Clearance, Medical Insurance, Financial Evidence etc. All the documents must be error free. Perfect and well organized document make the application process faster. We at 4S Study Abroad provide you with assistance on documentation and other admission procedures. We are here to help you eliminate all such concerns. Our team ensures that no students get rejected during the admission process because of incomplete documentation. Once you have selected the institutions, our professional editorial team will review your documents carefully, will improve upon the content, grammar and structures of the documents like LOR, SOP, CV etc. that students are responsible for drafting and collating.

Application Review & Submission

​ Our professional team reviews the application package that is most important and critical step for the successful admission.Whilst students are responsible for drafting and collating these documents, our editor's assistance is important to help improve upon the content, grammar, diction and structure. This will ensure that the application package presented to the selected institutions is well organized and projects all that they require to know about the applicant in the best possible manner.

Interview Preparation

An aspirant student may face two types of interview to study in abroad; 1st time for admission and secondly at the foreign mission for the Visa. 1st interview may be exempted in case of some country and some institutions. Generally students to study in USA, Canada, UK, NZ and in most of the country have to face visa interview. To study in Malaysia, Canada, South Korea students are exempted for Visa interview. Visa success is the last and final step to study abroad. If this fails, then all the other efforts go in vain. Here, at PESBD we prepare our students for interview of both admission and visa. We arrange mock interview session conducted by professionals who have vast experience in interview techniques and are well versed with the nature and scope of questions that universities as well as Visa officer usually asks.

Visa Support

Our expert Visa Advisers guide and assist students in further preparing their Visa files for High Visa Success. To our Registered students we not merely provide comprehensive advise but we also assist to prepare whole visa filling the Correct Visa forms and Check list for preparing the right Documents for Visa filing. (All advise and details provided are as per the Guidelines and Policies of the respective country of choice).

Travel Arrangements

We are also for your assistance in booking flight schedule, passport endorsement of foreign exchange ,international calling cards, travel and health insurance hassle free. All countries have specific regulations and policies regarding travel and health insurance for international students to which attention must be paid. We encourage our students to subscribe for medical insurance services before departing.

Pre Departure Briefin

​We arrange pre departure briefing session for our Visa Issued students to help them to be prepared for a new country. This session is important to have the knowledge on many realities of future life in a foreign land.

Briefing in this session generally includes:

  • Immigration and airport formalities
  • Travel, logistics, health and safety issues
  • Lifestyle in a new land
  • Socio-cultural issues of the new country
  • How to deal with home sickness
  • .........etc.

Students will also have the opportunity to join our network of alumni or past students in the foreign land.

Post arrival supports

When student lands in a new country for the first time, he/she needs some inevitable supports. We have a sincere and professional support team in every country we are dealing with. Our team member are eager to help you with information and assistance for accommodation, bank account and any other issues. We will help your transition to the new environment without hassle by providing you with the invaluable first hand information and services on various post arrival issues :

  • Information on local transportation
  • Purchasing of house hold items
  • Getting driving license
  • Part time job
  • Practical advise on living
  • Advise on immigration and work permits
  • Do’s and don’ts in a foreign land
  • Socializing with native community