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✤Facts about IELTS Listening Test✤
➽ IELTS Listening Test will take 30 minutes and there is an additional 10 minutes of what called transfer time is. 
➽Transfer time is an opportunity to copy the answers from the question paper to the answer sheet. 
➽Test taker should not use any abbreviations and answers must be spelled correctly.
➽The Listening Test is organized into 4 sections and each section has an audio recording
➽Total 40 questions for the whole test to answer. 
➽Each section uses a different type of recording
➽For Section 1, normally there will be a conversation between two people on a general, everyday topic.
➽Section 2, although it is still about something general and non-academic, there is only one speaker. 
➽In Section 3 , there is a discussion involving up to four people in an academic situation, and finally in
➽Section 4, questions on an academic lecture
➽Listening Test is designed to increase in difficulty as the test goes on. So, Section 1 is usually the easiest to complete, but Section 4 is the most difficult. 
➽The recording is played only once. Nobody can’t listen again if missed something. 
➽There are 7 possible question types: 
     I. form or notes or flowchart completion
     II. multiple-choice questions
     III. short answer questions
     IV. sentence completion
      V. labeling a diagram or map
      VI. classification
       VII. Matching. 

➽1 point is given for each correct answer. 
➽Incorrect spelling will lose points. 
******For assistance phone us***********
✆ 01701692611 ✆ 01701692612 

Essential English Language Institute 
Hafizullah Green (1st Floor) Suit:E1
15/A Zhigatola(Next to Janata Bank) 
Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh

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