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Dear IELTS takers,

16th December is the last day of the IELTS test of this year. Hope you are preparing  youself for the test
effectively as your IELTS test day approaching. 

Here are some helpful test day tips:


➽ Only speak English when you are at the test centre
➽ Smile at your examiner! It will make you feel happier and it will make your pronunciation clearer
➽ During the 2 minute talk, use the prompt card to remind yourself of what to say
Always take notes during your 1-minute preparation time - take notes that will cover all the prompts given to     you on the task card

Reading / Listening 

➽ Make sure to go to the toilet before the test starts as you will not get toilet breaks during each part of the         test
➽ Write as neatly as you can - you can use CAPITALS for all of your answers if you like
➽ Don't leave empty spaces - guess the answer (True, True, True, True)
In the Reading Test, study the questions first and then skim/scan for answers
➽ In the Listening Test, if you have a map/diagram, write left/right or north/south/west/east on your booklet to make it easier to follow the speaker
Listen to the tone of the speaker, often they will signal the answer with stressed syllables and a falling tone.


➽ Some centres only allow you to write in pencil, so practise writing in pencil
Leave a space between each paragraph to make sure the examiner can identify your paragraphing;
➽ Try to write as neatly as you can, so the examiner can read your handwriting
➽ Spend more time on Task 2 as it is worth two-thirds of the marks
➽ Make sure to answer all parts of the prompt - for example, "Discuss both views and give your opinion" (3       part question)
➽ Make sure to use punctuation
➽ Don't write a short answer. You must write a minimum of 150 words for Task 1, and 250 words for Task 2.

Wishing you a safe and happy end of 2017!

******For assistance phone us***********
✆ 01701692611  ✆ 01701692612 
Essential English Language Institute 
Hafizullah Green (1st Floor) Suit:E1
15/A Zhigatola(Next to Janata Bank) 
Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh

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